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Telephone interviews are especially suitable for representative surveys or for target groups which are not readily available. Our in-house call centre with an international highly motivated interviewer who are given an extensive briefing of their respective projects. We monitor the entire data-survey process and validate the consistency and reliability of polled data even during the interview process.

Your questionnaire for online surveys is programmed in-house, which enables us to react to adjustments in a fast and uncomplicated way. If desired, multimedia contents such as images, videos or music may be integrated at any time. The respondents are invited to participate in the online survey through a panel provider or by means of an e-mail. Your advantages as far as online surveys are concerned include usually shorter survey periods, lower costs and simplified execution especially on an international scope. In order to ensure the highest possible level of quality, we guarantee you the in-house validation of data quality as well as the supervision of all activities.

You want to see more than just the numbers behind your customers? You want to know what makes your customers tick? For these questions, various types of personal interviews are appropriate:

  1. In-depth interviews (individual explorations) are conducted for you in a personal and detailed manner. With the aid of a rough interview guideline, it is possible for us to pick up on topics which had not been considered previously, as well as to follow up on superficially answered questions.  
  2. Focus groups highlight their creativity and group dynamics due to the exchange between the participants of usually six to ten people. This enables us to delivery creative and unexpected results to you. 
  3. CAPI stands for computer-aided personal interviews.We program an individual questionnaire, which is filled by our interviewer directly during the survey. In parallel to the interview, advertising or communication measures as well as products may be shown if applicable.

Thanks to these qualitative methods, we offer you a very high degree of flexibility as well as the possibility to deal with difficult and complex topics. Due to personal contact, respondents can always be asked additional questions. The depth and length of the interviews may be influenced at will. If desired, you may observe the conversations through a one-way mirror and gain an insight into the survey as well as the backgrounds, emotions and attitudes of interviewees.

Would you like to improve the soft skills and / or professional competence of your employees, representatives, salespeople or call centre agents? How good is the level of service? What is the quality of the consultancy? Are all services offered actively?
The continuous optimisation of consultancy and sales quality as well as the increase of customer orientation and the sales of your employees are the focus of our Mystery solutions.
In order to gain meaningful insights with regard to these topics as well as to identify potentials for improvement, we offer you:

  • Mystery calls (at a call centre)
  • Mystery letters (complaint letters)
  • Mystery e-mails (complaint e-mails) 
  • Mystery shopping (at the POS)