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The Web 2.0 is marked by the active participation of users in various forums, communities and blogs. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Xing are only a few representatives of social media platforms. Everyone has an opinion, and many want to share their opinion with someone. Your company, your product or service, your image could already be part of one or the other discussion on the Web 2.0. The internet has gained significance as an opinion maker.

Use the opportunities offered by these platforms! Our WebScreening tool will aid you to better understand your customer circle and to recognize the image of your company.

Finding, selecting and analysing of customer opinions and ratings on the Web 2.0 is the aim of our WebScreening tool.

We …
… identify and select relevant forums, communities, blogs and evaluation portals.
… prepare and structure these data.
… analyse text data through text mining and qualitative content analysis.
… interpret the results and compile a meaningful assessment for you.
… coordinate WebScreening results with our market research results.

Using our WebScreening tool, we can provide you with an overview of the people, topics and platforms which deal with your company.

In the following fields, our tool is deployed in order to gather valuable insight:

Market Screening:: Which topics are currently being discussed in your industry? Who are the most important suppliers and how are they differentiated from the customers’ perspective?
Product / Service Screening: How do customers evaluate your products / services in the Web 2.0? How do new products and product upgrades appeal to your customers? Which aims for improvement and innovation are there?
Brand Screening: How is your brand perceived in the Web 2.0? Which strengths and which weaknesses does your brand have? What is associated with your brand?
Activity Screening: To what extent are marketing and advertising measures perceived? Which effects do individual measures have on your brand image?
Trend Screening: What is the development of the fields over the course of time? Which future trends are there in the industry?