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For an optimum solution, we concentrate on completely individual market research. We take advantage of tried and true models of brand research, since effective market research has to inspire and support brands. A precisely orchestrated blend of intelligent information is decisive for success. For this reason, we operate with our self-developed models of brand navigation and always achieve an optimum solution for you:


Model Content Our puls Tool

1. Target group segmentation

Demarcation of the relevant market as well as identification and illustration of distinct customer segments


2. Brand attractiveness

Analysis of the current brand attractiveness compared to the relevant competitors

Brand Performance Monitor

3. Customer loyalty

Identification of fans and growth potentials of a brand

Commitment Model

4. Value drivers

Analysis of the effective levers to increase brand attractiveness

Value Driver Analysis

5. Customer and employee perception

Identification of the brand perception by customers and employees, and optimisation of the retention for both groups

Duales Branding

  • How much do you invest in order to address customers with whom you have no sales opportunities in the first place?
  • Are your brand investments focussed on the right customers?

By means of our portfolio illustration, we analyse and highlight all relevant needs groups and competitors in your market segment, and thus provide the necessary orientation for efficient and directed marketing measures.

  • Do you know at which point of its life cycle your brand is positioned?
  • Do you have a control system to measure attractiveness and popularity of your brand in a logical context?
  • Do you have sufficient information in due time to decide whether your brand needs to be rejuvenated?

Using our Brand Performance Monitor, we determine your current situation in your direct environment and offer a clear evaluation of your present position in addition to supplying you with essential information to question ways and directions for your corporate future and orientation.

  • Do you know the fans of your brand?
  • Do you know what makes them tick?
  • Do you know the growth potential of your brand?

With the help of our matrix to illustrate your customer situation, we show you how strong the connection of your customers to your brand really is. Using this technique, we show you how and into which customer segment to invest

In addition, we research the available potentials of competitors‘ customers, which ones of them can be reached by you and how you could approach possible acquisitions of new customers.

  • Do you know the attractiveness drivers of your brand?
  • Do you know which ones of them are Industry Standards and which ones are Differentiators for the future?
  • Would you like to precisely find out through which communication contents you can avoid to advertise yourself into exchangeability?

Through our analysis of the so-called value drivers, we display your entrepreneurial highlights and make them comprehensible for unique communication.

  • Do you know how your brand and its brand values are perceived by employees and customers?
  • How many fans do you have among customers and employees?
  • What is the best and most direct way to reach new customers and suitable potential employees?

We show you how your brand is perceived and understood and illustrate ways how to inject your brand values with life and hands-on experience.