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puls analyse"What happens with my data?" 

Once the data has been levied, the questions is how and what to evaluate. The repertoire of our specialized data-analysis department ranges from a simple basic univariate analysis via a cluster analysis all the way to a conjoint analysis. 

And even though our team is well-versed in all common multivariate statistical analyses, the most appropriate analysis for each case is at the focus of our attention rather than the most demanding one.  

In the following, please find a small selection of our analyses:

"What do my customers want exactly?"

"Which product characteristics matter to my customers?"

Using a conjoint analysis, we determine the optimum value for each feature of your product. These characteristics are not only analysed individually but in combination with one another. 

"How are my customer groups differentiated?"

The discriminant analysis allows us to identify group differences. Hence, on the one hand, you may categorise your customers into various groups or classes due to distinguishing characteristics; on the other hand it becomes clear which features are particularly substantial when differentiating the groups.

"Welche Motive haben meine Kunden?"

The factor analysis enables us to identify structural connections within the data. These characteristics are usually not independent of each other but may be reduced to a manageable number of dimensions ("factors"). You will thus receive clearly arranged information which is free of fluctuations caused by individual characteristics. 

"Which features are connected to the overall satisfaction of my customers?"

Through a correlation analysis, it is possible for us to uncover connections between different variables. The strength of these connections is at the focus of our attention; statements concerning cause and effect are avoided. Consequently, the correlation analysis offers a first insight into the connections within your data.

"How does the purchase behaviour of my customers change when I adjust a product feature?"

The regression analysis estimates the dependence between one or several independent variable to one dependent variable.