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Typical topic in the field of strategy:
  • Markets
  • Trends
  • Image
  • Brand
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Our demand when working out solutions for your strategy:

Market research is an essential component for the development, validation and – if necessary – adjustment of our customers‘ strategies. The range of topics is very wide but pursues a significant goal across all our solution statements:
securing the success of a company in the long term. 


Based on this foundation, questions such as the following are at the centre of our approach:

  • Which trends are displayed in a market, in an industry?
  • How does a market develop?
  • Which projections can be made?
  • Which potentials are apparent?
  • What is the optimum positioning for a brand within the competitive environment?
  • How attractive is a brand?
  • How can a brand be strengthened?
Typical topics in the field of marketing:
  • Positioning
  • Product development
  • Product
  • Product portfolio
  • Pricing
  • Communication
  • Information processes
  • Advertising

puls marketingOur demand when working out solutions for your marketing:

The customers of our customers are at the centre of our philosophy. It is the task of marketing to identify and understand their needs and expectations, and to fulfil them by means of a suitable product or service. In other words, marketing must be able to market products and services. How is the respective market structured? Who are the potential customers? Which needs do they have? Which kind of product do they want? How much can or do they want to pay for it? Where do they inform themselves? Which topics are suitable for communication?

Efficient market research for improved marketing decisions helps you to understand your customers even better, to orient your product towards the requirements of your customers and to address them effectively. The survey normally just represents a part of the challenge within the solution context of our task. The survey concept, the choice of the correct and possible survey method as well as the interpretation of results within the context of brand and industry form the framework. We are always clearly focused on your success as our objective.

Typical topics in the field of sales and distribution:
  • Target groups
  • Potential
  • Competitive environment
  • Customer contact
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer relations
  • Distribution processes

Our demand when working out solutions for your sales and distribution:

Our experience has shown that efficient market research is an indispensable foundation for better decisions and solutions especially in the area of sales. The interplay of methodical usability and specific industry competence as well as sales instruments are essential factors for an optimum solution. We are always clearly focused on your success as our objective.

With this in mind, not a momentary snapshot, but the following question is at the centre of our projects: To what extent does answering a question help us within the sales and distribution context? How can a possible answer be interpreted? Which measures can be derived from it?

Below please find a number of typical questions for your sales and distribution context:

  • What are the potential target groups?
  • Which topics can I use in order to address my target group?
  • And how do they have to be presented?
  • What does the decision-making process look like?
  • What are the barriers for closing a deal?
  • What are the essential drivers for increasing customer loyalty?
  • What are the reasons for customer migrations?
  • How do I increase the referral rate?
  • Where are cross- and up-selling potentials?
Typical topics in the field of employees:
  • Recruitment
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee retention
  • Brand perception
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Process efficiency
  • Performance


Our demand when working out solutions for your relationship to your employees:

We not just ask your employees how satisfied they are or how they rate their own brand. We show you why your employees have given a specific satisfaction rating or why the brand image has received a certain evaluation from the perspective of your employees. Finally, we work out the individual solution for you of how to strengthen the connection of your employees to your company and your brand in the future.

Our questions and solutions for your management of employee resources are derived from questions such as:

  • Who are the "right" employees for me and how do I recruit them?
  • How satisfied are my employees really, and how can I maintain or increase that level?
  • How can I significantly raise the loyalty of my employees to my enterprise?
  • How do employees perceive "their" brand and what is the comparison from the perspective of the customers?
  • Which brand values do the employees embody, and how can I make them brand ambassadors?
  • How can processes be made more efficient, and which of these changes would make sense?
  • How do my employees treat our customers and which potentials are there?